BOCO Cider Taplist

New Ciders On Tap

Stones Throw Fresh Hopped Cider 8.5% ABV

Cascade hops hand-picked literally within a stone's throw of the cidery then immediately immersed into to our English cider base and keg-conditioned. Our hop version of enjoying a fresh-picked garden tomato. Very herbaceous and rich, this cider is sure to wow all hop lovers.

Mango Tango 8.5% ABV

Cider infused with Shishito, Poblano, Anaheim, Bell, and Jalepeno Peppers, and blended with an experimental mango cider resulting in a earthy, spicy, sweet balanced cacophony of flavors. Exciting to say to the least. only 2 kegs produced.

English Style Cider 8.0% ABV

Heritage apple blend from Washington fermented with English Cider yeast, keg-conditioned with fresh apple juice. "Cider as cider should be."

Belgian Sour Cider 7.5% ABV

Balance of sweet, sour, and savory cider fermented with Belgian Yeast. Cider version of traditional Belgian Sour. "Cider for all the senses."

MORP Malus (Aged in red wine barrels) 7.8% ABV

Colorado Heirloom apple blend aged in a freshly harvested red wine French oak barrel. Our barrel aged twist on fermented MORP (Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project) heirloom juice.“Hard cider stylistically influenced by California Chardonnay”.

Petrichor Cascade (Hopped Cider) 6.9% ABV

Western Slope of Colorado Apples dry hopped with Boulder grown hand picked Cascade Hops. "Smells like rain, tastes like lemons."

Passionfruit Pear Cider 6.1% ABV

BOCO passion fruit Pear cider is made with a combination of our English cider base and our sour cider base, finished with the addition of passion fruit and pear.  

Peach Cider 7.5% ABV

This fan favorite is created by adding peach and pear juice to our English Cider base. The resulting "Peach Kiss" has underlying layers of apple, apricot, and pear.

Kombucha Infused Cider 6.7% ABV

Sour Cider base infused with natural Kombucha made in Boulder for a tart blend that has a hint of apple vinegar.

Ginger Cider 7.5% ABV

A half pound of fresh ginger is added per gallon for a distinctive ginger with just a hint of spice. “If you’re a ginger fan this one is for you!”

Experimental Ciders currently on tap

Cranberry/Blueberry Tart Cider 7.5% ABV

Experimental tart cider refermented with Cranberry and blueberry juice and finished with more blueberry juice.  Unfiltered, intensely colored, and full of flavor. Cranberry and Blueberry dominate the nose, with bright green apple rounding out the first impression. Palate is full, with the blueberry presenting upfront. Secondary notes of sage, black olives, and of course apples. This cider wont last long. Only 4 sixtels produced

Barrel Sour Cider 8.0% ABV

Experimental cider fermented with a combination of Scottish ale yeast and lactobacillus in recently emptied 15 gallon bourbon barrel. Toasted almond, apple cider vinegar, banana, and baked apple round of the wild pallat. If you’re a fan of sour beers, this cider is for you

Only 5 kegs produced