BOCO Cider Taplist

English Style Cider 8.0% ABV

Heritage apple blend from Washington fermented with English Cider yeast, keg-conditioned with fresh apple juice. "Cider as cider should be."

Belgian Sour Cider 7.5% ABV

Balance of sweet, sour, and savory cider fermented with Belgian Yeast. Cider version of traditional Belgian Sour. "Cider for all the senses."

Belgian Heirloom 5.5% ABV

Juice pressed from heirloom apples grown in SW Colorado made in a white wine style.

Colorado Heirloom 8.0% ABV

SW Colorado heirloom juice pitched with Scottish Ale Yeast makes for aromas of bright apple, guava, banana, orange zest fill the glass. Higher tannin content for the adventurous cider drinker who wants to experience what the orchard has to offer.

Petrichor Cascade (Hopped Cider) 6.9% ABV

Western Slope of Colorado Apples dry hopped with Boulder grown hand picked Cascade Hops. "Smells like rain, tastes like lemons."

OG Hopped Cider 8.0% ABV

Cider Double Hopped with Boulder grown handpicked Cascade Hops, highlighted by a floral effect.

Peach Cider 7.5% ABV

This fan favorite is created by adding peach and pear juice to our English Cider base. The resulting "Peach Kiss" has underlying layers of apple, apricot, and pear.

Kombucha Infused Cider 6.7% ABV

Sour Cider base infused with Boulder blended with natural Kombucha for a tart blend that has a hint of apple vinegar.

Kinda Sour Cider 6.9% ABV

Sour cider base keg-conditioned with fresh apple juice to create a sweet and sour cider clash.

Ginger Cider 7.5% ABV

½ lb. of fresh ginger is added per gallon for a distinctive ginger with just a hint of spice. “If you’re a ginger fan this one is for you!”

St. Vrain Chokeberry Cider (Guest tap) 6.9% ABV

This unique cider melds wild piquant berry and cherry aromas with a clean, dry, baked-apple-and-tannic-berry flavor profile. Finishes with a hint of black tea and a whole lot of newfound fascination for the aronia genus.


Local Blueberry-Lemonade Kombucha by Rev Kombucha.