Meet the BOCO Team


Owner, Storyteller,

Renaissance Man:

Michael Belochi

BOCO Cider has been in the works for the better part of 4 years, and the idea is even older. Whilst playing hooky from his real jobs, Mike would craft batches of cider at home to serve friends and family. This trial and error groundwork laid the foundation for BOCO Cider to be “Hardcrafted the Boulder Way.” Some of these original ciders are now mainstays in our taproom, including English Style, Peach, Ginger, and the OG Hopped. Mike was born in Tunisia in North Africa, raised in the Bay Area, and relocated to Boulder for law school. His other startup is his 1 year old son.

“I like cider because cider has no rules.”

Currently Drinking: OG Hopped


Cider Maker: Joshua Smith

Josh came on board as a consultant cider maker for the first full size production runs of BOCO Cider. With a background in both cider and winemaking, and a degree in Molecular Biology from UC Santa Cruz, Josh’s experience makes him uniquely qualified to oversee our “Boulder Way” production. BOCO cider making technique is simple yet requires an intuition of how raw ingredients will transform into a final cider. Josh is also an Assistant Winemaker at our neighbor Bookcliff Vineyards, the Production Manager at Decadent Saint, and personal assistant to his 1 year old son.

“Wine has prestige, history, and a deeply rooted connection to place. Craft beer as we know it is an infinitely creative canvas of flavors and branding. Cider is a mix of both, drawing fine wine level of attention to detail and fermentation techniques with the creative landscape that beer has to offer" - Joshua (Cider) Smith

Currently Drinking: MORP Malus.