“Every batch is different, and every keg has its own personality”

-Joshua Smith, Cidermaker.

All BOCO Cider is Hardcrafted the Boulder Way

  • Unfiltered

  • Naturally carbonated

  • No added sulfites

  • Unpasturized

  • No artificial ingredients

  • Naturally gluten free

BOCO Cider is unfiltered

We choose not to filter our ciders, but instead dropping the temperature of our cider for clarification through settling and racking. We believe our unfiltered ciders have more flavor, more complexity, and more punch than if filtered.

BOCO Cider is naturally carbonated

Because we do not filter our ciders, the yeast we choose for our primary fermentation is called upon again to ferment inside our closed kegs after adding fresh juice and any additional real flavors. This “keg-conditioning” results in natural smaller bubbles, a richer cider, and desirable secondary characteristics. We carefully monitor each batch for optimal carbonation level, sometimes taking up to a month to complete.


BOCO Cider is made without the addition of added sulfites.

The addition of sulfites is well accepted within the wine and cider industry, and provides stability and protection against oxidation. It does however, effect the flavor and is a health concern to a significant population. None of BOCO Cider is made with added sulfites.

BOCO Cider is naturally gluten-free and is made with real ingredients

Hard apple cider is naturally gluten-free. We choose to source real ingredients, and do not use anything that would result in an “artificial ingredient” labeling.